Buy a Guava Girl with ETH or credit card,
crypto wallet not required.

Buy a Guava Girl
with ETH or credit card,
Crypto wallet not required.

Welcome to

Our Retreat

Guava Girls is your retreat in the chaos of Web3. Escape from the expectations and pressures of daily life. Pause and unwind with us.

Our “Care-to-Earn” community is all about working together to find balance and be our best selves.

  • Join entrepreneurs, parents, artists, and Web3 newbies as we support, lift, and celebrate one another.
  • Be rewarded for taking part in introspective activities, sharing your journey, and learning from others’ experiences.

Let’s harness the power of community and grow together in the blockchain!


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In a world that is socially distant
Where fears and anxieties
Can stem from isolation
Causing us to feel small
We say: no more
Now is the time to rise up
To band together as women
And lift each other up
To carry and empathize
With each other’s struggles
To help each other claim our best selves
We are the dreamers and doers
Making it happen
For ourselves and for our loved ones
When we are wobbly, down or stretched thin
We shift our gaze and see one another
We regain our sense of balance
Knowing other strong women are around
We care for quality and meaning
Deeper connections
Chances to learn
Opportunities to transform and evolve
Knowing that we are never alone
We are free spirits
Unafraid and unashamed
Moving and dancing to our own rhythms
Together we are Guava Girls


The Guava Girl is not an ideal that we strive for; she is a reminder of who we already are. Multilayered and multifaceted, the Guava Girl is unique in her interests and aspirations. We recognize and celebrate all who identify as women, each a master of balance in her own right, often working tirelessly behind the scenes.

The Guava Girls Collection is a set of beautiful and unique generative NFT art pieces. Each artwork is based on 540 traits lovingly hand-drawn by visual artist Arty Guava, and carefully reviewed by a diverse team of 10 community members.

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Meet The Team

Arty Guava

Founder & Artist

Lay Hoon (@artyguava) lives and works in Vancouver. Memories of her childhood in Malaysia, nature, and dance are just a few sources of inspiration recognisable throughout her work. She is passionate about creating little moments of joy through her art and sharing them with the people around her.

Tricia Pang

Founder & Project Director

Tricia (@trishamafish) is a mom of two little girls, and an engineer with over a decade of product delivery experience. Inspired by the strength of Web3 communities, she left her corporate job to pursue her passion in creating opportunities for women to support one another and grow stronger together.

Joanna Tran

Marketing Manager

Joanna is a strategic marketer with experience in the CPG space across better-for-you and luxury products. She’s fostered women’s groups IRL and believes there’s power in journeying with women from different walks of life and life stages to achieve balance and grow.

Annie O

Community Manager

AnnieO is a lifelong student of the creative and healing arts who loves to plan amazing parties and take meaningful conversations from good to great. She’s fascinated by the new identity frontier presented by Web3, and is excited to create a space where folks feel safe to try their best self on for size.


Graphic Designer

Sy is an art director, artist and writer with 9 years of experience in advertising in Asia. He’s co-founded humanitarian driven organisations is passionate about bringing equality and representation to people within intersectionalities and minority groups.


Software Developer, Fruit Stand


Front-End Developer, Fruit Stand


Mai Akiyoshi

CEO, Curious Addys

Mai is co-founder of Curious Addys, the first educational NFT project with 25K community members and building a Web3 Q&A platform, where people ask questions on Web3 and get guaranteed answers from experts. Previously, Mai was a senior software engineer at Gusto and VP of marketing at Logbar, a Japanese startup where she co-created the world’s first handheld offline translation device, ili.

Lily Wu

Co-founder, WOW Pixies

Lily Wu is currently the Startup Partner Lead, SEA at Stripe and co-founder of WOW Pixies, the first DAO to invest in the women-led Web3 ecosystem. Previously, from startup world, she bootstrapped two 7-figure businesses, exited a startup and helped raise Series A for an edutech startup based in Singapore. She is passionate about putting more money and power into women’s hands through Web3.

G.D Anderson

Founder, Honey Badges

G.D Anderson is the Founder of Honey Badges and the CEO of Australian charity The Cova Project. Passionate about utilising blockchain technology to revolutionise the philanthropic world, G.D has embraced the power of Web3 and sought to make it an inclusive space with the power to impact the lives of people all over the world.

Christine Theriot

Director of Partnerships, BFF

Christine Theriot is a visionary thought-leader and community builder who has developed an incredible passion for developing relationships & professional partnerships formed on the foundations of diversity, respect, and inclusion. Formerly representing 250+ brands in the world of eCommerce (Samsung, Ninja, Beats by Dre, etc) for over a decade; Christine now pioneers collaborations within the world of Web3 for BFF.


Holders of the Guava Girls PFP collection are granted access to the following benefits.


ARTWORK | Own the NFT of a beautiful and unique Arty Guava artwork. Receive early access to presale lists for future Guava Girls collections.


COMMUNITY | Join a family of like-minded people that support each other in achieving balance in their lives. Share ideas, learn from one another and build friendships.


ACTIVITIES | Take part in activities on topics such as mindfulness, self-exploration through art, parenting and career development.


REWARDS | Earn our $GUAVA off-chain utility token, which can be exchanged for partner presale list spots, branded merchandise, artwork and more!


GIVING BACK | Help us decide on ways to support IRL communities, such as selecting the businesses and charities that Guava Girls will donate to.


An NFT, or “non-fungible token”, is a one-of-a-kind digital asset that represents ownership. Think artwork, music, trading cards, game characters… the options are endless! NFTs can also be bundled with “utility” that only the owner has access to. For example, an NFT can be used as a pass to show that you own an event ticket, have access to play a game, or belong to a community where being a member gives you additional perks (like Guava Girls!). Each NFT is recorded on a “blockchain”, a public ledger distributed across a giant digital network, and collectors have proof of ownership of their NFT because every transaction on the blockchain is tracked and visible to everyone.

There will be 1,000 Guava Girls in Phase 1. Mint a Guava Girl for 0.07 ETH.

We’ve decided to do things a little differently, and are adopting a phased approach in launching our Guava Girls collection. We recognize that growing a strong and healthy community takes time, and we are excited to see our collection grow as our community grows, at its own pace. Our first phase will feature only 1,000 Guava Girls, and over time, we look forward to revealing all 5,000 Guava Girls in the collection. We have 8 legendaries hiding in the collection — who knows when they’ll show up!

Our community is situated in Discord, an online social communication platform. It is free to join and take part in our community — we have decided to keep our Discord open, so new people can experience our weekly program and activities without being a holder. We believe this makes it more inclusive for people to have a tranquil place to go to as they learn about Web3. 

Learn about our weekly activities through our Discord community, or subscribe to our free calendar! Instructions on adding our Community Schedule to your calendar can be found on our Guava Girls Wiki.

Head on over to our Fruit Stand and log in to start collecting $GUAVA!

We are developing a rewards marketplace called the Fruit Stand to help members achieve balance in their lives while redeeming it for perks they value most.

Think of the $GUAVA token like travel reward miles – it’s a loyalty program that gives holders the ability to earn points for simply owning a Guava Girl and bonus for taking part in Guava Girls activities that promote self-care and balance, and the flexibility to redeem it for rewards of their choice.

More information about $GUAVA and our Fruit Stand can be found in our Guava Girls Wiki.

Guava Girls is a project that combines the artistry of the Guava Girls artwork while fostering an inclusive, caring community focused on health and wellness. As such, it is important to us that the usage of the Guava Girls NFT aligns with the values of the Guava Girls community.

As a Guava Girls NFT owner, you have the right to copy, display and be creative with your NFT. In the spirit of co-creation to find balance and practice creativity and mindfulness, we welcome you to incorporate components of your Guava Girls NFT into your artwork, poems, stories or physical objects, and we would love for you to share your creations with us! If you are interested in a commercial license, please reach out as we would be happy to learn more about your ideas.

Please note that being a Guava Girls NFT owner does not grant you ownership of the underlying artwork, brand, or other intellectual property associated with the Guava Girls NFT, which remains with the Guava Girls project and organization.

Before deciding whether to acquire a Guava Girls NFT, please read the detailed terms of our License, which can be found on our Guava Girls Wiki.